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Build your own online casino

Casino design

Choose your casino design. Select from a wide range of casino designs. Customize casino design solution. Free Company logo design.

Monitor & Reporting

Game & Player analytics. Instant game and player reporting. Statistical data storage and analysis. Real time monitor gaming activity.

Back office Tools

Back office Management tools. Monitor Revenue and Account balances. Game and platform management tools. Easy to use interface.



Zeusplay gives you the freedom to operate your casino platform and games from anywhere you want and in any device.


+50 Games

Zeusplay offers to you an amazing gaming platform with the latest gaming practices delivered to you to provide an inspiring gaming content to your players.

API Integration

Add Zeusplay games into your casino platform easily without any difficulty through our seamless wallet API integration, provided together with our monitor and reporting tools.

Gaming Content

Zeusplay provides you a gaming platform, which meets every market needs and is certified in a number of country jurisdictions.

Omni Channel

Our software has the ability to connect in any gaming terminal, cabinet, mobile or tablet device.

Jackpot System

A jackpot system is provided to the majority of our lottery and video slot games so it can maximize the player’s traffic and playability during the game.

Payment Method

Choose your payment method, upon your customer's needs. We provide you with seamless integration payment systems: from direct debit card and cash to land based apyment gateways like Casbot and unlimited electronic payment solutions. The choice is yours!

Exclusive Content

Zeusplay can provide exclusive gaming content to any casino operator or platform provider in regards to its video slot content.

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