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Here you can download assets of our games, promotion packs, presentations and products developed by Zeusplay, to assist media partners and customers, who are interested in our products.

More information about who we are and what we do, follow this link.


All material here can be used for free, intended for non-commercial purposes. Assets are not allowed to be altered or used without permission. Elicon pc (Zeusplay) owns exclusively the rights of all assets found here.  If you have questions about the use, feel free to contact us.  


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Promotion Packs

Zeus Play Badge


Get the Zeusplay badge in our colors, in 1024x1204px (high resolution)


This is the white version of Zeusplay badge 1024x1204px (high resolution)

Zeus Play Logo


Get the official Zeusplay coloured logo, in 1400x461px (high resolution)


Download the Zeusplay logo in white, in 1400x461px (high resolution)


Get the Zeusplay coloured logo with our GAMEON tagline with it, in 1400x461px (high resolution)