Gaming Terminal Solution

The gaming software has the ability to operate through a standard computer system.

Shop Management Solution

Shop Management Solution can be provided to a number of computers units inside a shop connected to the internet by giving total control to a central POS system form the cashier’s computer.

Sweepstakes-café Solution

Sweepstakes Café solution is a totally proven online casino technology which can be used on any computer connected to the internet. No gaming license needed, no gaming regulations, no worries about how to deal with online casino payments as your clients play for fun!


VLT (Video Lottery Terminal)

Video Lottery Terminal Gaming Platform is a truly proven client-server internet-based gaming system (server based slot machine system) with one or more venues connected to a central site.


POS Software Solution

There is a POS software for all types of games that ZEUS PLAY provides.

•  The POS software can be connected in any regular PC hardware device.

•  Support all printer types.

•  Possibility to connect with cards and betting slips scanner / printer devices.

•  Lottery POS software solution is the key for any shop related establishment by providing a multi screen solution by a simple connection with the cashiers POS.

Self-Service Keno Terminal

ZEUS KIOSK dual screen cabinet is an ultimate solution for land based establishments, as the terminal runs without the need of any supervision.


Full-Retail Shop Solution

Our retail system provides you a management network with unlimited levels of terminals/shops/agents, by giving each operator the possibility of proving a gaming content diversity towards its customer crowd.


Agent Management Solution

The Agent management solution gives you the possibility to easily control all of your operations and assigned managers with the help of our user-friendly reporting and management tools that let you easily monitor the player and revenue progress of your business.